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Our Facility

36,000 square feet of temperature-controlled space

THOMARIOS utilizes 36,000 square feet of temperature-controlled space where the preparation, coating and curing takes place. Being ISO 9001:2008 certified helps ensure a superior product for our customers. The plant is located on nine acres of land comprised of large concrete pads for lay down, handling and packaging. Housed within the facility is a 50ft x 12ft x 10ft abrasive blast booth used to prepare the surfaces, a 50ft long powder application booth, and two 52ft-long curing ovens. The larger of the two ovens being 12ft. wide x 12ft. tall which has the capacity to treat a 50ft + x 10ft wide by 10ft tall piece.

Batch Process

Powder Coating Process

THOMARIOS Powder Coating Group specializes in a batch process. This sets us apart from the competition by allowing us to handle large, heavy items used in both industrial and commercial applications. Most powder coating facilities are geared toward using a continuous conveyor belt application, which limits them on size and weight. THOMARIOS, on the other hand, implements forklifts that can handle pieces up to 10,000 lbs along with customized process carts. Our process also utilizes a self reclaiming abrasive blast booth for surface preparation, instead of using hazardous phosphate cleaners. This process insures the maximum adhesion properties for the coating. The efficiency of our operation allows for a quick turnaround to our customers without sacrificing product quality. For special fast track orders we have been able to generate an 8-hour door-to-door product. From receiving to shipping, we guarantee the product to be prepared, coated and inspected properly. We provide general warranties for all items powder coated, and extended warranties are available.

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One Canal Square Plaza
Suite #1501
Akron, OH 44308
330-670-9900 (p)
330-670-9993 (f)

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Plant & Operational Facility
1122 Jacoby Road
Copley, OH 44321
330-670-9900 (p)

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121 Wabash Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
412-444-0353 (p)

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